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We are pleased to present the Rise Scholarship.  The scholarship fund was established to provide access to the Elevate Influencer conference to those who may have a difficult time absorbing the cost of the conference.


This scholarship fund is made possible by the generous donations of members of the personal finance community. They support our goal of improved diversity and inclusion within the financial industry, leading to improved financial access and equality for all – regardless of race.

Eligibility for a scholarship ticket is based on your application. The scholarship awards one ticket to all awardees and
will be distributed on a first-come, first qualified basis.  Scholarship tickets will be free once awarded by the scholarship ticket committee.

Please complete an application here.


Would you like to make a donation to cover the cost of a ticket for an attendee? Donors will receive an Elevate Black Wall Street t-shirt and a copy of the book, From Burning to Blueprint: Rebuilding Black Wall Street After a Century of Silence.

Your donation can be made here.


Who can apply for a Scholarship Ticket?

Everyone age 18 and older who reside within the United States are encouraged to apply.


What do I need to submit for my scholarship application?

Eligibility for a scholarship ticket is based upon your completed application. You will be disqualified if all required information is not submitted.


Who will be awarded Scholarships?

Applications are evaluated by a committee comprised of the Elevate Influencer production team.

Email questions to info@elevateworkshops.com.

How do I apply for a scholarship ticket?

Fill out the application to be considered for a scholarship ticket.


What do I need to submit for my scholarship application?

The scholarship ticket program is now open and the deadline for applications is August 23rd at 11:59 pm PST.  We will review applications periodically and tickets are awarded on a first-come, first qualified basis. Get your applications in as early as possible!

All Scholarship Ticket recipients will receive a confidential e-mail with instructions to purchase their $95 ticket via a unique link.


What if I have already purchased a ticket?

If you have previously purchased a ticket, no refunds of your purchase will be offered and a scholarship ticket will be offered to someone else.

Reposted from @themillennialsnextdoor Will continue to keep preaching you can't save your way to wealth. Dave is cool and all but c'mon man! 😂 🤣
#elevateyourmind #elevateyourmoney #wealthbuilding #credit #debtfree #blackwealth #generationalwealth

Are You On The Same Page Financially? - Reposted from @moneyspeakeasy⁠

As relationships progress, the financial ripple effect is often overlooked. Are you in a serious partnership but have yet to give joint money matters the attention they deserve?⁠

Now’s the time.⁠

Start by discussing that first elephant hiding in the corner, your mutual financial backgrounds.⁠

Now is the time to be completely honest about any bad habits. Discuss current debt, past financial blunders, and ongoing weaknesses (late night binge spending?).⁠

Be understanding of each other’s past experiences, no matter how they may vary from our own.⁠

As you move forward, consider opening a joint account for common expenses. Not all accounts need to be combined but having one united access point will prove itself worthwhile.⁠

Develop a system that works equally to track spending, keeping you both accountable (smart phone apps are a popular choice). It also doesn’t hurt to assign specific roles based on strengths.⁠

Is your partner more punctual with bills? Are you known for your saving skills? Make a plan that maximizes those assets, setting the tone for financial success.⁠

When it comes to finances, what is the first thing you would want your partner to know?⁠

The March on Washington was the largest civil rights demonstration ever. Martin Luther King, Jr., delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech.⁠

Martin Luther King Jr. was such a wise man. ⁠
We should be thankful to carry his powerful messages with us indefinitely.⁠

#martinlutherking #august28 #ihaveadream #ihaveadreamspeech

New Study - Reposted from @hisandhermoney⁠

According to the new McKinsey & Company study “The Economic State of Black America” that was released last week, roughly 3.5 million Black households currently have a negative net worth. This same study revealed that An additional 4.3 million Black households have a net worth of less than $10,000.⁠

The main culprit of these low net worth numbers for many Black families is debt. This is why we personally keep championing each and every one of you to make debt freedom a high priority. Every dollar that you decrease your debt instantly increases your net worth by the same dollar amount.⁠

Getting free from debt is only part of the equation though. It’s also imperative that you use your income to build wealth. That means you have to put your money in the position to make more money. Whether it’s through the stock market, real estate, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency, or all of the above, you MUST be investing.⁠

You cannot save your way to wealth. Don’t misunderstand us, you do need an emergency fund and maybe a couple of sinking funds, but beyond that, you have to make building wealth a priority for you and your family. If you don’t invest for your future, who will?⁠

This new study is alarming and saddening but each one of us can turn the tide as a community by first turning the tide inside of our own households.⁠

What steps are you currently taking to increase the net worth of your household?⁠

Does Your Income Impact Your Credit Score? - Reposted from @myfabfinance⁠

Lenders are far more more concerned with your ability to pay on time and credit utilization than they are with how much money you earn on the job. Now, this doesn’t mean you can borrow $1 million dollars on a $45,000 annual income but you can still have a good credit score as long as you pay on time and don’t carry a large balance.

Reposted from @journeytolaunch un·learn /ˌənˈlərn/ verb, gerund or present participle - unlearning: To discard (something learned, especially a bad habit or false or outdated information) from one's memory.

Unlearning is a difficult, but necessary part of adulthood. It is especially important when you are reaching financial independence. So much of personal finance information that we learned growing up or through the media is false or outdated.

Unlearning and then relearning information that is going to benefit you and your money is key to being successful.

What are you unlearning?

The Key to Investing - Reposted from @buildingbread⁠

When I started investing 10 years ago, I thought I needed some complex algorithm 🧮 to be successful. I thought I needed to know every term and buy only the hottest stocks.⁠

That’s why I lost so much money that first year. I was committed to doing all the wrong things and chasing gains instead of focusing on the fundamentals of basic investing.⁠

All of that changed when I learned how to make investing simple. It helped me invest my first $100K and helped me become a top 100 financial advisor.⁠

🗣You can do this too! And I’m here to help.⁠

Click the link in my bio to sign up for my FREE classes today!⁠

#stockmarket #millennials #finlit #financialliteracy #HBCUAlumniUnited #blackwallstreet #personalfinance #investor #blavity #financialpeace #financiallyfree #blackwealthmatters #BuildingBread

Never Miss an Opportunity to Teach - Reposted from @moneyspeakeasy⁠

Some of the most important money lessons I’ve ever learned came from my father.⁠

As a child, my father encouraged me to write book summaries to earn my allowance, many of which were centered around personal finance.⁠

Having open conversation about money management from such a young age helped me to conscientiously approach my finances as I came of age and went out on my own.⁠

My father had given me a gift, that I’ll admit, I didn’t truly appreciate until my college years as I observed the spending habits of my peers.⁠

Spend the time to talk money with you loved ones. Teach children what you’ve learned, even of you think they aren’t listening. One day, they may just surprise you.⁠

#PlanForTomorrow #TeachTheChildren #MoneyHabits #MoneyManagement

We are one week away. Have you registered yet? Get your ticket today and tell a friend.⁠


#elevateinfluencer #blackwallstreet #personalfinance #Elevate21

August 26-27⁠

Web Conference⁠

Reserve your seat : https://elevateworkshops.com⁠

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How to Measure Success? - Reposted from @wall_street_trapper⁠

If All we have to talk about is how much money we can make, then honestly, We don’t have much to talk about.⁠
Your success should have more to it than how much money you can make or how many material possession you can obtain.⁠
Pulled up to A very wealth mans house in Cali, His house was amazing. But That was it, nothing fancy outside, nothing fancy in the drive way.⁠
But his studio was state of the art.⁠
The conversation was heavy on impact and purpose, how to strengthen the mission to make opportunities for others.⁠
I’m not saying money isn’t essential. But if only measure your success to how much money you make, there’s a void that needs to be filled.⁠
This will miss a lot of people, we all are in diffferent stages on our journey.⁠
But once you get to the level you dreamed, remember that they print money everyday.⁠
So chasing money will never fulfill you.⁠
Big Trap⚖️🏚⚖️🏚

9 Ways to Invest In Real Estate (Without buying properties) - Reposted from @themillennialsnextdoor ...

High Credit Scores Can Save You Money - Reposted from @itsmymoney_⁠

When your credit score is 740 is when you can save the most money. Money is saved by having lower paying interest rates on things likes homes, cars, loans and credit cards.⁠

#creditrepair #moneymanagement #creditscore #itsmymoney #budgeting #creditcards

This is a can't miss event. Get your ticket as well. ⁠

Never let fear be a reason you don't take an opportunity. - Prince Ea ⁠

#quoteoftheday #motivation #motivationalquotes #inspirationalquotes #successquotes #quotestagram

Budget Tip - Reposted from @debtfreegonnabe⁠

Another way to stay in control of your money is by having accounts designated for specific expenses, like an emergency fund for emergencies.⁣ Having more than one checking account can help keep your money organized, you in better control your spending, and minimize overdraft and insufficient funds fees.⁣⁠

Plus, banks are always offering bonuses for opening a new account.⁣⁠

How many checking accounts do you have? ⁣⁠

#debtfreegonnabe #debtfreegoals #studentloans #debtfreedom #budgets #debtfreecommunity #financetips #creditcarddebt #studentloandebt #personalfinances #singledebtfreejourney #budgeting #moneysavingtips #financegoals #moneytips #getoutofdebt #credittips #bankfees #singledebtfreecommunity #budgetingtips #debtfreejourney #moneymanagement #moneycoach #moneysaver #personalfinanceforwomen #moneygoals #payingoffdebt #sixfiguredebt

Resilience is key. ⁠

#finance #business #entrepreneur #investment #financialfreedom #inspiration

Reposted from @theneighborhoodfinanceguy The Math and the logic is simple. Savings is good when you need to achieve financial security.

Wealth, however, is an active money management game.

Is A Graduate Degree Worth The Debt? - Reposted from @myfabfinance⁠

There has been an ongoing debate about the value of graduate degrees; primarily whether or not the debt accrued versus the salaries students end up with after graduation is worth it. There are many professions where having less than a master's won't get you anywhere near the door. When choosing a school it's important to be strategic. Pedigree matters to some while getting the best education for the dollar matters to others.⁠

The @wsj created a tool you can use to see how earnings after graduation compare to debt being carried by students. You can use it to compare undergraduate, master's, doctorate, and professional degrees across most schools.⁠

Do you have a graduate degree? If yes, do you feel the debt you incurred was worth it? ⁠

If you don't have a graduate degree does the thought of accruing debt make a higher level of education seem out of reach? Why?⁠

Read more and try the tool out yourself: https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-a-graduate-degree-worth-the-debt-check-it-here-11626355788

Reposted from @adriennecrewsent I believe in advocacy. I believe in signing petitions, holding rallies, marching and sounding the alarm⚠️.

Fighting for anything you believe in is good and appropriate👏. I just hope YOU are advocating FOR YOU💕. Are you petitioning your OWN needs? Rallying yourself to self-care? Sounding the alarm to others when you need support? Everything you contribute is valuable-- just start and end with YOU.

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