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We are pleased to present the Rise Scholarship, worth $4,500.  The scholarship fund was established to provide access to the Elevate Influencer conference to those who may have a difficult time absorbing the cost of the conference. 


This scholarship fund is made possible by the generous donations of members of the personal finance community. They support our goal of improved diversity and inclusion within the financial industry, leading to improved financial access and equality for all – regardless of race.

Eligibility for a scholarship ticket is based upon your application. The scholarship awards one ticket to all awardees and
will be distributed on a first-come, first qualified basis.  Scholarship tickets will be free once awarded by the scholarship ticket committee.


The deadline has closed. Thank you for your interest.


Who can apply for a Scholarship Ticket?

Everyone age 18 and older who reside within the United States are encouraged to apply.


What do I need to submit for my scholarship application?

Eligibility for a scholarship ticket is based upon your completed application. You will be disqualified if all required information is not submitted.


Who will be awarded Scholarships?

Applications are evaluated by a committee comprised of the Elevate Influencer production team.

Email questions to info@elevateworkshops.com.

How do I apply for a scholarship ticket?

Fill out the application to be considered for a scholarship ticket.


What do I need to submit for my scholarship application?

The scholarship ticket program is now open and the deadline for applications is August 1st at 11:59 pm PST.  We will review applications periodically and tickets are awarded on a first-come, first qualified basis. Get your applications in as early as possible!

All Scholarship Ticket recipients will receive a confidential e-mail with instructions to purchase their $197 ticket via a unique link.


What if I have already purchased a ticket?

If you have previously purchased a ticket, no refunds of your purchase will be offered and a scholarship ticket will be offered to someone else.

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