Sonya Smith-Valentine, Esq.

Sonya Smith-Valentine

Sonya Smith-Valentine

Sonya survived a devastating car accident during law school to become a nationally recognized financial expert and attorney. A drunk driver ran into her car at 90 mph and she lived! That accident and the year that followed (taking the CPA exam, finishing law school and taking the bar exam all while in physical therapy to recover from her injuries) taught her the importance of perseverance and determination.

Years later, Sonya learned that she had a brain tumor and needed brain surgery. (Nothing can ever prepare you to hear those words.) She was blessed to find an excellent neurosurgeon who made sure she’s still alive and kicking today. The months Sonya took off from work to recover without worrying about her finances reinforced that all of her hard work in finance was well worth it.

Sonya went on to build a well-regarded law firm due to her successful representation of clients in cases involving credit reports, mortgages, and credit cards. Over time, other lawyers began to seek out her advice for help with their own financial issues. They were often unsure of how to deal with their large student loan debt and/or how to properly manage their money. The attorneys weren’t educated about finances. They learned about crimes and contracts in law school, not about planning for mortgages, retirement or their kids’ education.

Around this same time, corporate executives started asking Sonya how to teach their employees and managers about personal and business finance. Some companies had employees who were underperforming due to financial stress. Others had managers who were struggling with using business metrics and other financial indicators in their decision making (and therefore generated fewer revenues and/or incurred higher costs)

This all caused Sonya to realize that the next chapter of her career had just presented itself to her.

Drawing on her 25+ years of financial and legal experience, Sonya now helps companies and law firms improve the financial knowledge of their employees, managers, and attorneys for increased productivity. She provides strategies and solutions on (1) decreasing employee and attorney financial stress for improved workplace performance and (2) turning ordinary managers into financially savvy decision-makers for higher profitability.

Because of her vast knowledge, Sonya is a highly sought-after speaker by corporations, law firms, government agencies, higher education, and associations across the country.

Sonya’s expertise is recognized by reputable media outlets such as The Washington Post, CBS News, NBC News, Black Enterprise, and Fox Business. She has also contributed to Forbes and Thrive Global as a writer, making a powerful impact on the financial lives of many.

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