Latisha Styles

LaTisha “Tish” Styles is a sought-after lifestyle influencer and personal development enthusiast who has created a community of more than 60,000 people – the majority of whom are women of color defining their desires and giving themselves permission to live lavishly.

As a black woman who was told life would be harder, that money was limited, and that she therefore had to make decisions that were often opposite her desires – she went through a transformational journey of self-worth, discovery, and love to create a lavish life. 

What started as a personal blog to hold herself accountable while she paid off debt of over $32,000, transformed into a self-development journey allowing her to create a life by design and not by default. A life filled with a thriving heart-centered business, travel, and an amazing husband she manifested into her life.

In her eight-year blogging journey, she realized that other women of color were dealing with the same issues of self-worth. Her mission is now to help them create their own version of a lavish life filled with fulfillment, confidence, and abundance.

She helps her clients create a lavish life through entrepreneurship, allowing them to set their own hours, serve perfect fit clients, as well as save, spend, and make as much money as they desire. 

She does this through transformational luxury retreats hosted in places like San Juan, Puerto Rico and Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; one on one coaching sessions, intimate group masterminds, and through her on-demand courses & trainings.

Because of her extensive work with women of color, she has consulted with and partnered as a content producer, ambassador, and expert for high-profile companies including Progressive Insurance, The National Association of Realtors, Beazer Homes, and PNC Bank.

With a heart for children and a passion for the Spanish language, LaTisha has served in Costa Rica and Mexico volunteering her Spanish fluency with children in both countries, and while building homes in Mexico. She also serves on the board of the Living the Mosaic Foundation which serves children on the Autism Spectrum.

LaTisha is a wife, mother, left-handed Gemini, outgoing introvert, and fitness enthusiast. 

A native of Atlanta, GA, LaTisha now calls Memphis, TN home but she can often be found exploring beachside destinations from Panama to the Bahamas.

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