Harlan Landes

Harlan LandesHarlan L. Landes was the founder of one of the first independent blog to focus on personal finance, Consumerism Commentary, a website he launched in 2003. On this website, Harlan anonymously shared the intimate details of his bank accounts and income, along with money management tips and commentary on current financial events, engaging readers on a journey from debt to financial success with entertainment along the way.  He also launched a podcast as a companion to Consumerism Commentary in 2008, bringing interviews with financial authors, television stars, and other financial publishers to iPods across the country. 


Harlan’s articles about money management have appeared in many other publications including U.S. News, American Express, Yahoo Finance, and PC World Magazine. Following his success with Consumerism Commentary, Harlan co-founder of “Adulting.tv,” a podcast that helps people take control of their lives surrounding money, careers, and relationships.


Harlan is the founder, executive director, and chairman of the Plutus Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Every year, the Plutus Foundation awards grants to the financial media to support efforts to bring financial education directly to their communities, sponsors financial literacy events, and hosts the Plutus Awards, which recognize the best media in the world of personal finance, as well as the best products and services within the industry. It is a collaborative project with representation of every aspect of the independent financial media.

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