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My name is Sandy Smith and I am a financial lifestyle expert. I believe in educating others so that they never make financial mistakes and can live their best lives. Through my site, Yes, I Am Cheap, I have taught thousands of people how to improve their financial circumstances and my aim is to help hundreds of financial influencers of color do the same.

In 2013 I read statistics which detailed how African Americans were faring financially post the Great Recession. What I learned was that although the entire country was hurting, people of color were completely left behind. I formed the Elevate Community to raise awareness and shine greater light on the financial issues that people of color face. The 400+ members of the Elevate Community group are financial professionals, teachers, writers, bloggers, and educators of color who are committed to improving the financial lives of people of color.

Elevate Influencer began in 2019 as a way to bring together financial influencers so that we could discuss and address the specific issues and financial needs within the communities that we reach.

Collaboration Not Competition

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